Monday, 12 November 2012

Fake MAC Products

Ladies and gentlefolk, I don't claim to be a makeup expert, by any account. However, I would like to testify that I know a fair amount. Especially when it comes to fakes. I had a bad experience upon first entering the world of makeup. I purchased a MAC lipstick from an Ebay seller (who has since been shut down). Rookie error, I know. However at the time I thought- A MAC LIPSTICK FOR ONLY £8?! Too good to be true. Upon receiving the lipstick, the chemically smell and sticky consistency had alarm bells ringing in my head. Yes, I had bought a fake. A bad fake too, but it shook me up. 

After this experience I meticulously checked every makeup product I purchased that weren't from a legitimate shop, in a shopping center. I was a woman possessed. I thought, with my new found knowledge of all the fake tricks (differing packaging, wrong shade names, missing shade names all together, etc etc...) I wouldn't be a victim again.

Oh how I was wrong. 

Left: Real MAC Eyeshadow, Right: fake
Months and months ago, I purchased MAC's Idol Eyes eyeshadow from The website seemed legitimate, it had good online reviews and even suggested it as a place to buy cheap beauty products. Before purchasing, I performed my routine check: did the shade name match online swatches? Yes. Once the product arrived, I checked the packaging more closely. Was the clasp the same as my legit MAC eyeshadows? Did the label seem real? Was the 'MAC' printed on the CLEAR plastic lid the same size as my other eyeshadows? Check. Check. Check. No need to go any further, right?
Left: Real MAC Eyeshadow, Right: fake
Wrong. After a heads up from Eloise that CheapSmells had stopped selling MAC after claims they were fake articles, I decided to check my eyeshadow. It took me a while to spot it, but low and behold the text of the label on my possibly fake MAC eyeshadow is slight whiter than the grey of my real eyeshadows. You wouldn't know if you weren't looking for it. But now I've seen it, oh is it obvious. its important to add that I'm not 100% sure it is fake, and any help you guys can give me would be great.
Left: Real MAC Eyeshadow, Right: fake
I feel betrayed, angry and also terrified. What If I haven't been putting MAC on my eyes for the past 6 months... and if not, what have I been putting on them?! Scary articles like this and this have found high levels of arsenic in fake products. I shudder to think. 

So, what can I do? Well the eyeshadow will be retiring to the back of my collection until I know for sure if its fake and I am going to try to get as much attention as possible for this article. We need to do all we can to stop people buying fake and potentially DANGEROUS cosmetics. 

Amy x

P.S. CheapSmells are no longer selling MAC products. As far as I can glean from the internet, no other brands on CheapSmells are fakes, but there is no telling anymore. The fakes are getting so. Darn. Good.

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