Monday, 19 November 2012

Channel Updates

Hi guys, sometimes I just like sitting in front of the camera and talking to my A team. Its a great excuse to get all snuggled up on my bed, with a cuppa. Oh the life of a youtuber. I wanted to share this VLOG style video with you as it contains some bits and bobs I think you may enjoy.

If you want a shoutout for you blog (I didn't include blogs in the video, but I will shout out blogs too!) Leave a video response in which you shout out my channel, or write a blog post (and link me to it below) where you shout out my youtube channel and I will return the favour in a video. The idea is we can all get to know each other, each others subbies and followers can get to know each other and we can become a giant youtube/blogging family. Isn't that nice?

Amy x
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