Tuesday, 9 October 2012

MAC Lipstick Giveaway

My darling followers, I want, need you to understand how much you have helped me, through following my blog. Your endless support and kindness has given me more confidence than I ever dreamed I could possess, which in turn allowed me to come to uni, mostly, lacking nerves. The sheer amount of you never stops to over whelm me. Over 600 people want to read my little thoughts and ramblings, you stick by me when theres a lull in content and have opened doors for me like I never knew existed. I've been to events and met some of the greatest and most inspiring people because of your support.

But more recently, sponsored posts have allowed me to begin uni without the stress of a job. This means I can keep up with my uni work and still have time to make friends here and blog. I did gain a job, but after finding out my hours I panicked. Could I still find time to keep up with my work, and update my blog here, something that keeps me sane? I had a mini melt down and took the hard decision to live off my loan alone. This is where blogging came in. You may have noticed a few sponsored posts cropping up here and there, they are giving me peace of mind. They are supporting me and taking some of the weight off my parents shoulders, and I know, that without all of you, this wouldn't be possible.

So, I want to give something back, my love, and some makeup, just because. SO here it is, a giveaway of a MAC Lipstick, of your choice. I'm sending you my MAC coated kisses and your own MAC lipstick to cover your kisses in.

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Eternal love and friendship,
Amy x
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