Tuesday, 16 October 2012

'I don't mind living in a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it' -Marilyn Monroe

MAC is celebrating the life of an icon, one of my favourite icons: Marilyn Monroe. Be still my beating heart. As a student I didn't think I would be able to justify buying anything, and at any rate it sold out like CRAZY on the MAC website. However a visit to a MAC counter, and very generous lady named 'Mum,' I'm now the owner of a Marilyn Monroe MAC Lipstick in 'Charmed I'm Sure.'

It such a gorgeous red shade, so iconic of Marilyn, that I feel I should wear it like she did- with pride and every where! Another great thing about it is the pigmentation- its such a deep pigmented red and the slight blue undertones help to make teeth look whiter. Perhaps not Marilyn white.... but a girl can dream! 

As a matte shade I was also impressed with the moisturising levels. Normally matte lipsticks dry my lips out, but a bit of balm underneath this kept the shade nice and non-drying all day, and I mean all day! The lasting power is great (as you'd expect of a matter shade, but this really blew my socks off!) 

Now if MAC could just release a Audrey Hepburn collection that would be my two icons covered! Please and thank you.

Speaking of MAC lippys, why not enter my giveaway, where you could win your own one? Enter here!

Amy x
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