Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dior Addict Lipgloss in Shade 436: Review

You know that beauty product which you bookmark for months, hoping, one day to be able to justify buying it? That is what the Dior Addict Lipglosses were to me. My bookmark beauty product. So, when I stumbled upon this baby on a blog sale for £5 (RRP £21) I couldn't say no. A week or so later, here it is. Shade 436 or 'Apricot Cloche.'

 436 is a beautiful pinky orange colour with lots of iridescent shimmer (gold and pink) its like a sunset in a lipgloss! The packaging is also divine. It feels expensive and looks beautiful on display. Its also sturdy enough to justify flinging it in your bag without worries of 'lipgloss explosions.' 

 As for the applicator, its a short, precise brush applicator (not my favourite type) but the bristles are very dense meaning you have a lot of control and it holds and transfers the product well onto the lips.

Not only is it well pigmented for a gloss, but the staying power and finish amazed me. It survived a scolding hot cup of tea! Its also non sticky, which means I don't have to pin my hair up before wearing it. I can definitely see why this is such an expensive, luxe product. Would I ever have purchased it full price? Possible, but being able to test it first, for a fiver, was great!

Amy x

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