Thursday, 25 October 2012

Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calender Review!

Its no secret that I love getting packages and letters in the mail. Anything with a stamp on it excites me. Yes, even bank statements. But this was something else. When I got a little card saying I had a Selfridges package awaiting me and the porters office I ran there in Usain Bolt time (almost) and gabbled something incoherent to the porter about 'package' 'please' 'Amy' and 'its here.' He was very confused. What is this mystical item you ask? Well, didn't you read the title?!

Yes, girls, its an advent calender full of 20 Ciate mini paint pots, and 4 mini pots of caviar beads. I've put a comparison photo above of a regular Ciate pot (13.5ml) next to the mini ones included in this kit (5ml) as reference, but all together you recieve 100ml of polish in this kit. 

Another bonus (trying to justify the £38 price tag...) is the fact that 3 of the shades are surprise colours, exclusive to the Calender, and yes, they are glitter polishes! How festive. I've included shots of each of the 24 polishes/bead pots in the video below, so I suggest switching off before that stage if you'd prefer the exclusive shades to be a surprise.

I'm also totally, head over heels, in love with the packaging! Awesome psychedelic print in a range of gorgeous colours makes me want to think of some way to reuse it after the advent.


You can buy the Ciate Mini Mani Month from Selfridges, here. Or, if £38 is a bit steep but you'd like some free makeup, join my giveaway of a MAC lipstick. HERE!

Amy x
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