Monday, 3 September 2012

We'd both stay out till the morning light

When Glamorous UK sent me the sparkliest dress I'd ever laid eyes on, I couldn't help but turn into a girly, fashion loving mess, cooing over the dress like it was a baby. Its just, SO, beautiful! Wearing it made me feel so retro, like I was stepping out of the late 60s into the early 70s. With this in mind I donned some dramatic cat eye liner and a high, backcombed ponytail and stepped out in all my sparkling glory to take some photographs.

Dress: Glamorous UK
Shoes: River Island

The rose gold tones of the dress went so perfectly with my studded rose gold and teal River Island killers that I had to wear those also. Its a very dramatic look, but definitely wearable.

In true 60s style, I posed next to one of my families classic Minis (straight out of the 60s), this one is a Mayfair and awaiting reconstruction and provided the perfect throwback backdrop!

Amy x
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