Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Teenage rush, she said, ain't we all just runaways

As university, and ultimately a new life, looms I feel a mix of emotions. Sadness- I've found an incredible group of friends here and I'll miss them all bitterly. Fear- Will I make friends? Miss home? But most of all, excitement. This roller coaster of emotion has got me slow on the blogging front, I'm afraid! However here I am with an outfit post! Woop!

 Playsuit: Jack Wills
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Accessorize

This playsuit was one of those purchases. You know, where you see the price tag and want to faint, but then touch the butter soft material and revel in the gorgeous teal colour and give in. Now I'm not normally a Jack Wills girl. I don't go in for the brands. If I can get a bargain, I will. So the only reason I even ended up in Jack Wills in the first place is due to my sister, whos a Jack Wills fan girl. Lets blame her for this splurge.

In other news I'm desperately trying to raise funds for university, so please visit my ebay here, where there will be lots going on sale. I'm currently selling a Topshop skirt, a grey marl dress, a pair of high heels and an accessorize pendant. I'm also trying to sell my barely touched MAC Lip Liner in Naked Liner. I'm looking for about £7 (postage and packaging included) as its been used a maximum of three times!

Amy x
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