Monday, 10 September 2012

My Top Five Autumn Nail Polishes

Although the weather in England is saying 'Hey fudge you Autumn, I'm deciding to give the people their August..... in September' I'm still retiring my pastels and neons in favour of of more demure, deep colours.

I like to see what colors other people choose to decorate their talons with, so I thought it only right I return the favour.

As you can see its all about the deep tones. I guess I take inspiration from the colours of the leaves -how cheesy!- I also love dark black duo-chrome colours. I wish I could get my paws on Linkin Park After Dark! Perhaps thats Halloweens influence!

Ciate's Wait Until Dark
Barry M's Raspberry
Avon's Noir Emerald
Missguided's Missfit
OPI's You Don't Know Jacques

MM look at that- a pretty nail polish line up! What could be better?

Amy x
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