Monday, 24 September 2012

Cyber Chocolate

Warning: Reading this post may bring on sudden bouts of extreme hunger and chocolate cravings. Amy and The Camera's Lying is in no way responsible for weight gain or other side effects of eating too much chocolate after reading this post. You have been warned.

When Cyber Candy offered to send me some Milka chocolate from their 'world wide' sweet shop, I jumped at the chance. Milka is not only delicious, but it reminds me of some really, really good times in Bansko, Bulgaria, skiing with my friends. Tenuous link but hey, food and friends- its how I roll.

The bar I was sent was this one:

...and its as yummy as it looks. To put it some what crudely- this chocolate is a 'mouthgasm.' Milk and white chocolate, swirled together, like marble. It was one of those 'moreish' bars of chocolate. I had to stop myself from devouring the whole bar in one sitting! I loved how creamy the taste was and it went down very, very nicely whilst watching Doctor Who, in bed, with a mug of hot chocolate. Don't judge me. 

Unfortunately, one bar just wasn't enough. I will certainly be using Cyber Candy again in the future for any chocolate or candy needs from a range of Countries around the globe.

Amy x

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