Tuesday, 28 August 2012

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #27 Rose Paris Review

I've officially popped my 'designer lipstick cherry' and I have no regrets. I'd been lusting after YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks forever after hearing both Vivianna and Corrie talk about them (both are lovely ladies whose opinions I trust whole heartily!) The packaging and great reviews made this lipstick seem like heaven. I wanted, needed it in my life, but after swatch after swatch I still found £23.50 for a makeup product, well, steep. 


But that all changed when I passed my driving test. I needed to congratulate myself (I say need, it was more of a half arsed excuse!) so off I popped to Boots, two best friends in tow and my card at the ready. 

Shade 27 was the one that caught my eye, described as a bright coral pink, I think it is perfect for Spring/Summer, but rest assured I'll be airing this baby all year round. The formulation is creamy, which, whilst being moisturising, does mean it slides around on your lips quite a lot.

 The satin feeling texture is pleasing and the smell is also quite pleasant- not as over whelming as the MAC/Illamasqua scents, but still there. Everything about this lipstick screams luxury and class.
 Although the initial wear time isn't great, when it does fade off your lips, it leaves a pretty tint behind meaning you don't have to worry about it fading away to an unattractive colour/leaving lines around your lips. Touch ups are rarely needed due to this. This 'tint' lingers for ages and I found it still being on my lips after a few glasses of wine and a hearty meal!
I got a lot of compliments wearing this shade, even from people who don't 'do' makeup- which really says something. I have to admit, I've fully invested in YSL's Lipsticks and am already wishing I had the funds to expand my collection to include a red shade and a neutral shade! 

Next on my list? Chanel!

Amy x
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