Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How To: Make Your Own Eye Primer!

Eye Primer helps to keep your eyeshadows on for longer and looking brighter. They provide a perfect, smooth base for dramatic eye looks and they can also be expensive. I've tried a few "drugstore" primers such as the ELF one and MUAs offering. I've also dabbled in the famous Urban Decays 'Primer Potion.' I found the two cheaper options useless (there, I said it!) and Urban Decays one positively bank braking. In true thrifty style I decided to make my own. That was a year ago, and I haven't looked back since.

 What You Will Need
An empty pot (I used a Lush sample pot)
A long lasting liquid foundation (I used Rimmel's Lasting finish)
A thick under eye concealer (I used Dirty Work's 'Bye Bye Dark Circles!')
A body butter, un or lightly scented (I used Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, yes really)
Please note it must be a butter not a moisturizer as butters are thicker and provide the perfect base consistency.
A tool to mix it all together.
 Step 1
Put a dollop or a few pumps of your foundation into the tub you intend to use. Don't use too much as the key is to get equal parts of the foundation, concealer and body butter.
 Step 2
Add an equal part of your favourite under eye concealer. I used a slightly blue toned under eye concealer as my eyelids are quite red and veiny (yum!)
 Step 3
Add an equal part of the body butter. In this photo I have topped up the foundation to make sure the mixture is three equal parts. You can use a measuring scale to be more accurate, but I'm too lazy!
Step 4
Stir the mixture until it is a smooth, even consistency. If the body butter is difficult to mix in, simply heat the bottom of the container up (by holding under hot water) to help melt them all together.

And thats it! Quick and easy isn't it?! Its also cheap and I've found it to be better than the drugstore alternatives. I wouldn't say its as good as Urban Decay's Primer Potion in terms of making the colours 'pop' as much but it definitely lives up in terms of longevity! I no longer dread using pigments thanks to this primer. I hope this helped!

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Amy x
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