Friday, 31 August 2012

Beauty is Timeless

Illamasqua's newest release 'Generation Q' is all about beauty no matter your age. Be you 16 or 61, 18 or 81, Illamasqua's new range of products is aimed at everyone. This got me thinking about my Grandparents who come from very different times from me. If I want to buy a beauty product, I will research it on the internet first, but back when my Nana was 18 this wasn't an option. I wondered what tips she'd always lived by, where she got her beauty products from and if I could learn anything. 

The next time I visited her, I noticed how great her makeup was- eyeshadows that complimented her eyes and rosey lipstick. She also has the skin of someone 10 years younger than her which is something I hope to achieve when I reach her age! (I won't be so rude as to put it on the internet!)
Avon Super Shock Mascara
Maxfactor Mascara and Eyeshadow
YSL Touche Eclat
L'Oreal Eye Make up Remover
Garnier Toner

The first thing that surprised me was seeing YSL Touche Eclat pen on her dressing table- an internet cult product. This is something my Nana claims to use 'when she remembers.'  This is a product, I, in all honesty wouldn't have known had it not been so widely written about on the internet, so seeing it in my Nana's collection surprised me (she doesn't have as broader access to the internet as I do)- this lady knows beauty! 

No 7 Dual Protection Tinted Moisturiser
The next thing I noticed was a large number of No 7 products. From makeup to skin care she seemed to have it all and spoke about the Tinted Moisturisers as being a step she rarely misses out of her day to day routine. This is great as the No7 tinted moisturiser contains SPF 15 and provides hydration as well as coverage- probably why my Nana has such fab skin and so few signs of sun damage!

Rimmel Eyeshadows
No7 Eyeshadows
Eyeshadow Brush
Natural Collection Eyeshadow
 This little box probably showed me the most about my Nana's tastes. It is full to the brim with blue and greeny eyeshadows from brands such as Rimmel and Natural Collection. She told me this was because they compliment her eyes, and I certainly agree. I love that she wears such bold colours and pulls them off so well, when I know so many people my age shy away from such colours, hugging to their safe neutrals. My Nana has found what colours work for her and stuck by them.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
 I uncovered another cult product- the famous Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream which my Nana has nearly finished a whole tube of. She says she finds the consistency unpleasant, however, on her skin but it must do a great job!

I asked her what her top tips where and she told me that she dislikes using makeup remover wipes and prefers using removers and toners, which are better and more gentle on the skin. She also never skips a step in her skin care routine- diligence even I can't claim! She never goes anywhere without her lipstick- something I can relate to, and we both agreed to be lipstick girls over lipgloss girls- neither of us liking sticky lipglosses.

She seems to get much of her beauty knowledge from daily papers and magazines and often saves up deals in newspapers to send of for beauty products- a great way of getting free samples. Another thing she told me was to switch up skin care often. She never remains faithful to a particular product for too long, giving it breaks every so now and again to ensure her skin doesn't become numb to the benefits.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick
 My Nan's nail polishes where pretty pinks and pale reds whilst her lipsticks where bolder rosey colours, her current favourite being a pinky colour from Avon, a brand my Nana used to work for as an Avon Rep, so she often uses a lot of their products.

Of course I had to include a photo of the elegant lady herself! Here she is applying her base makeup and wearing the lipstick pictured above! Leave her some love in the comments and thank you very much Nana for agreeing to let me loose in your makeup bag.

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Amy x
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