Friday, 27 July 2012

You're part of my unmade plans

This week has been a crazy mish mash of shopping, working, partying and events. I must admit, I've thoroughly enjoyed it! I have slightly over indulged myself, I feel but I believe I can be forgiven, its the start of summer, after all. Next week will be more productive and healthy- promise. 

here is what I'm wearing today:

 Tee: Topshop
Skirt: Zara
Blazer: Primark
Trainers: Converse
Ring: Jelly Button Jewellery
Nail Polish: Topshop Green Room

I only purchased this tee from Topshop's Tee and Cake the other day, but I already know its going to be a staple in my wardrobe. Its comfy, cute and totally geeky. I think the lego brick ring also adds to geeky (chic...?) air to this outfit.


Amy x
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