Saturday, 28 July 2012

Séville à L’Aube Launch

Let me set the scene. Its a hot Summers day, 25th July 2012, to be precise. A young, lone girl, clad in a floaty maxi dress ascends a stair case into a basement. The basement is painted dark, with cabinets filled with beautiful glass bottles, a menagerie of scents.The low ceilings and alcoves feel mysterious and grand. The girl feels as though she has been transported into an alternate land.

Okay, so since I stopped English Lit for the Summer, it seems my creative writing brain has gone on holiday. But you get the jist. That was how I felt last Wednesday upon attending the launch of perfume and creation of the master perfumer for  L’Artisan Parfumeur Bertrand Duchaufour and perfume journalist Denyse Beaulieu

When Bertrand Duchaufour met Denyse Beaulieu, she told him of an encounter she had had, with a young Spanish man in Seville. A Holy Week long gone and the scent of Orange blossom filled Beaulieu's memories and her story inspired Duchaufour to create a scent. The scent would tell the story, become the story and become a lot of work for both creative minds.

Bertrand Duchaufour and perfume journalist Denyse Beaulieu
The perfume took about 18 months in total, to create and make perfect. Duchaufour said 'I can normally do perfumes like *clicks fingers* that' but this took more work. The testing and work which went into the perfume paid off. The smell is zingy and fresh yet also spicy, passionate and erotic. You can really relate the perfume to the story and I think that is what makes it so incredible. 

It so different from the mainstream 'sporty man,' 'flirty women' perfumes which take on personas, rather than stories, that I think it becomes wearable for most women, regardless of age. This is something which can't be said for many perfumes.

Séville à L’Aube 100ml EDP- RRP: £82
 Attendees of the launch were given a gift bag to take away, containing a 100ml bottle of Séville à L’Aube and Denyse Beaulieu's book 'The Perfume Lover.' I was so happy to receive the book as well as the perfume as it goes into more depth about the birth of  Séville à L’Aube. I found myself hanging off both Beaulieu and  Duchaufour's every words at the launch. It was all over too quickly for my liking and the magic melted away as soon as I left L'Artisan's shop in Covent Garden. However, having the book and perfume at my disposal will help me relive that wonder.

The perfume will be available from L'Artisan late July 2012 on the website, stand alone stores and concessions. It has an RRP of 105Euros/82 Pounds and will be available for a limited time only.

I'd like to thank L'Artisan for having me and for my invite.

Please note: Séville à L’Aube will also be available on and the next upcoming offering from L'Artisan, ‘Mon Numero 7’ will be available exclusively on QVC this coming October. 

Amy x 
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