Sunday, 8 July 2012

My Post Holiday Heroes

Honey, I'm home! After a week sunning (and drinking) it up in the Greek Island of Kos, my skin is what I'd call 'under the weather.' For starters, a week of 30 degree heats has given me a slight heat rash on my cheek. Multiple air conditioned rooms have dried my skin out and given me a cold and my complexion is also incredibly dull. Whilst I'm tanned, (winning) unfortunately severe lack of sleep has left me looking incredibly tired. So, to make the most of my tan and get myself looking like a Grecian Goddess (I wish) These are my holiday heros which have been helping since I got home. 

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
To soothe away my heat rash and any remains of party make up, Liz Earle is the only brand I trust to do the job well. I couldn't live without this bad boy. Super soothing skin saver, I say!

Mac Fix +
To add a glow and freshen up my complexion so I can make the most of my tan I've been turning to Mac solution spray 'Fix +.' I swear by this stuff for multitudes of uses but right now its ensuring I look like I've had my beauty sleep.

Hawaiian Tropic After Sun
To maintain my tan and moisturise my dried out skin I'm using this stuff religiously. It sinks into the skin in no time at all and keeps peeling skin at bay. It also smells divine and summery!

Bulgarian Rose Intensive Moisturizing Face Mask
I purchased this in Bansko, Bulgaria in February and I always turn to it when my face needs moisture, pronto. Its all natural which is great and although I dislike the rose smell, I had to get it after hearing so much about the benefits of Bulgarian rose oils! It certainly works a treat- goodbye heat rash.

The Body Shop Chocomania Lip Butter
Yes, I over indulged on holiday (I'm looking at you, Greek Gyros!) . This means a post holiday detox diet is necessary and treats are off the agenda. My lip butter lets me indulge in a calorie free manner, whilst also keep my lips soft and happy.

Vicks Sinex Soother Nasal Spray Solution
My nose is so blocked up I can't even taste food anymore. Its bad guys. But this little life saver is helping me keep my sinuses clear and my taste buds tingling.

Below I have embedded some videos from my youtube channel about the bits and bobs I purchased to take on holiday with me, purely for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

What are your post holiday heroes? Please note I have also exchanged the 'tags' widget for a search bar on my blog. If you want to find something specific, the search bar will make it much more simple for you than skimming through all my tags!

Amy x
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