Saturday, 28 July 2012

Fashion and Beauty Haul

Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet, grab the moment and pee into the wind (sorry, couldn't not include that one!) Thats exactly what I did two days ago when I walked into office and saw a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes reduced to £55. Absolute bargain of gigantic proportions. I'm here today to show you my new babies and the other bits and bobs I've picked up recently! Enjoy and get yo butts down to Office. Seriously.

Blazer: primark
Shoes: JC at Office
Lush Skin Tint (and sample)
Lush 'Dynamic' pigment
Topshop Tee (see video)
NARS eyeshadow in Nepal (see video for swatches)

Note: Please excuse how spaced out I am in this video! It was early and I was sleepy (I'm not on drugs, promise).


Amy x
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