Monday, 16 July 2012

But I'm one that you can't see if I'm only 18

The next in my little series of Birthday posts (I'm sorry, I'm sorry!) For my birthday I was lucky enough to have two days to celebrate, one with my friends and one with my family. Both were held outside in my garden under a gazebo (boo summer rain) and both had an Alice in Wonderland theme to them. The first was for my friends, on my actual birthday. For this I owe my best friend Stephanie a big thank you. She made punch and all sorts of Alice paraphernalia. From flamingo crochet, to light up toad stalls and a Cheshire cat smile to pop in the bushes. She even roped in her boyfriend who drew an awesome drawing of the Jabberwocky and my boyfriend who made origami roses, white, of course, NOT red! 'Off with his head!'

 Tee shirt: Primark
Cardigan: H&M
Skirt: River Island

I was truly touched by how much effort everyone put into making the party a success! From my parents and Grandparents who supplied the garden, food and alcohol to my friends who gave me well wishes, cards and presents and of course Steph and her team of little helpers!

Amy x
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