Thursday, 12 July 2012

Blogging 101: A Guide

On 6th July 2012:
The Camera's Lying, turned 1! That is 365 days of blogging love. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think 
that is a big achievement? Well, to celebrate, I decided to share with you the things I've learned over the 
past year and a bit. I don't claim to be a pro at this, and I know a lot of other bloggers have achieved more
in a year than I have, but this is just my view on things.

Blog for no one but yourself
When I started blogging, I wrote to a grand total of '0' followers for the two months. I didn't care, I was having
fun! Writing was a creative outlet for ME. No one else. When people jumped on board for the ride, it was a 
massive bonus. I still blog only for me and my enjoyment, the fact that you guys have joined in the fun just makes
it a whole lot more exciting!

Never expect things of your blog, your readers or yourself
There is no point in expecting to be able to churn out a post a day when you already have other commitments.
Don't ever feel like you need to be writing a certain type of post, or a certain amount of posts and you can 
never be disappointed if you don't reach your 'quota.' Similarly, expecting readers to constantly comment and 
interact with you is going to set you up for disappointment. Blogging is a hobby for the majorities and often
has to take a back seat to reality.

Write exactly what you want, when you want
I used to write posts about everything from my day to music. I could define my blog but that didn't matter. A blog
that has personality and love put into it is always going to be more exciting to a reader than a 'niche' blog. Its
YOUR internet space, your decisions about what to write.

Give yourself an online presence
Get chatty on twitter, tumblr, facebook and blog comments. Interact with your followers and people you follow
alike. I'm more likely to check out someones blog who regularly comments or pops up in my twitter feed than
someone who once left a comment on my blog saying 'check me out?' Not only does getting animated on the 
internet invite people to your blog, it also helps you make friends- the BEST part of blogging in my opinion.

Do as you would be done by
We all welcome constructive criticisms, but would you like it if you received your tweet or comment? If the 
answer is no, then I seriously suggest not posting it. Always be nice to other people and chances are they will
be nice back.

Layout is important
A non cluttered layout is inviting to potential followers. Also try to make sure your layout reflects your personality
and blog. First impressions matter, so if you are a exclusively music blog, don't have a background covered in 
lipsticks- misleading.

Be true to yourself and let your personality shine through
Blogging is different to journalism as we can really put our personality into our writing and online space. We don't
represent anyone but ourselves and that should be liberating. I never let my reviews become clinical or restricted
by other peoples views. People appreciate honesty and individuality.

What are your blogging tips?
Amy x

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