Friday, 15 June 2012

Umberto Giannini Over Night Moisture Beauty Balm

Phoar what a mouthful! This is basically a night cream for your hair. Yes, really. Umberto Giannini claims this is the 'first' of this kind and this drew me in. Innovative products just excite me! 

So for starters, I'd just like to say that this is only a mini. I didn't want to buy the larger size in case I didn't like it, however, now I've used this up I will be going out and repurchasing!

This cream is applied to dry or slightly damp hair just before bed, although I have also used it in the morning to smooth down flyaways as is doesn't leave a crunchy or powdery residue like hair spray or some gels do. 

I like the smell of it, which I found to be lasting in my hair through out the day after application. My hair is much more frizz free thanks to this baby and it feels a lot more healthy, too.

Inititally I was worried the white cream would show up in my hair, however, once applied with fingers, its sinks straight into the hair and leaves no greasy or sticky feeling provided it hasn't been over applied. It also doesn't leave your pillow sticky as some over night hair treatments have been known to do!

I used a pea sized amount for my roots and another pea size for my scalp and blended it downwards. This is the technique I found to work best for me.

I really have no negatives where this product is concerned, even the price is a reasonable £4.99. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this absolute gem of a hair treatment! 

One last thing before I leave- if you have any questions for me I will be answering all of them on my facebook page ( so leave me a comment there!

Amy x
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