Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Blogging Journey and The Cosmo Blog Awards

The Camera's Lying will be a year old in July. I've been blogging here through the highs and regardless of the lows. I've posted regularly, sometimes too regularly and even forayed into the world of youtube. Together we've joined ranks with Facebook, Twitter, Hello Cotton and Bloglovin to spread the word about the little community growing here on The Camera's Lying. Most recently, I even started selling jewelry, inspired by my personal style and blog.

You've seen 74 Outfits, one of them including a mask and one of me just in my pjs! I've shown you around Bansko and taken you on a cruise with me. We've celebrated Christmas and Easter together and got involved in numerous #bbloggers chats on Twitter.

I've written over 60 beauty related posts, bought an awful lot more than I should and succumbed to a few too many blogger hyped products. Together we've watched the A Team (thats you lot!) grow to nearly a 400 strong crowd on Google Friend Connect alone. We also seen some pretty radical layout changes, here on The Camera's Lying- and I think I may have finally found 'the one.'

I've given you a very personal look into my everyday life, shared my personal photography with you and even introduced you to my pets. I've rambled an awful lot on here but also poured my heart and soul into some more thought provoking posts about issues which have affected me.

I've run three giveaways, written some regular feature posts, guest posted for other bloggers and invited people to blog here. Its been a roller coaster ride, but I've met some incredible people at events and will hopefully meet the ones I regularly chat to on the internet in the near future. I've made friends here, and I wouldn't change a minute of my blogging adventure. 

I can only hope that every time you click onto The Camera's Lying, you find something which makes you smile, the way posting makes me do so! We've had 90,000 hits so far and if I could give each and every person who clicked onto my site a hug, I would do so. 

If you love The Camera's Lying the way I do, please consider nominating us for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award. You can do so by clicking the button over there > and putting in my details. It would round off this year of blogging in the most perfect way and would mean the world to me.

Here's to this past year and many, many more to come. I love you all and thank you for being the best, most interactive followers I could ever wish for.

Amy x
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