Monday, 25 June 2012

Little Mistress' Mighty Mistakes

Hi guys, unfortunately, this is NOT the post I had planned for you today. But I had a drama, and it needed to be shared with the internet. 

So, last Wednesday I found the perfect dress for my College's Leavers Ball this Thursday. Its the Cream Applique Tutu Dress from the brand Little Mistress. Originally, I found it on ASOS, however, the didn't have my dress size in stock. So, I purchased it for £60 straight from the Little Mistress online store. Little Mistress make you pay for delivery, however as my order was over a certain amount of money, I qualified for free next day delivery. Well, Thursday, Friday and Saturday went by and all though I had been told the dress was dispatched on Thursday, it was a no show. 

This morning, 3 days before my prom, I was awoken at 8.15am by a very rude banging on my door, followed by the person ringing my doorbell over and over. I rushed downstairs and open the door to see the person turn off my drive. I live near to a high school so assumed this was a prank call and ignored it. However as 5 o'clock came and I STILL had no dress, I emailed Little Mistress. The company came back saying that the dress was delivered to my house at 8.15am and signed for by my neighbour up the road. I had recieved no card telling me I had missed a delivery or that it had been taken to my neighbour (who unfortunately was out all day and unable to drop the parcel to me). 

Here is the dress in question:

I was so relieved to have a dress I didn't even cross my mind to be annoyed about the awful delivery service. Eager to try on the dress I got it out and went to put it on. However, the zipper was unattached from one side, making it impossible to do up. There was also a tooth missing from the zipper edge. This is pictured below. Desperate just to have a dress to wear, I reattached the zip carefully with some tweezers. But the problems did not stop there.

Zip with missing prong
After mending the zip, I went to zip it up and found the whole mechanism too twisted and loose to hold the zip teeth together (see below). I'm sure you'll agree with me, a dress that cost £60 should be made of a better quality?

By this stage I was frantic. I had 3 days, no dress and very little money left over to by a new one before my Leavers Ball. Little Mistress' offices were inevitably closed by this point and were no longer replying to emails.

Getting the dress ready to return, I noticed the label (pictured below) stating that the dress is £50. When I had paid £60. P&P Isn't included in the prices of the online store, as that is extra in most cases, so why I have been charged £60 is beyond me.

I'm now left dressless, broke and running out of time to sort this out. Little Mistress' website claims returns and exchanges are down to us as the customer to pay for, which is more money out of my pocket. I can only hope that Little Mistress realise the urgency of this matter and send out a dress tomorrow morning, even then there is a risk of the dress being a no show on Thursday due to Little Mistress' RUBBISH excuse for 'next day delivery.'

I can't even comprehend the amount of awful Little Mistress have dished me out.

Amy x
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