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Kleenex Extra Gentle facial Cleansing Wipes Review

Recently, Kleenex has released a new range of face products. It includes shine absorbing sheets, facial wipes, facial cloths and eye make up removal wipes. At first I was sceptical. Could a tissue company really move into the skin care industry with ease? However, my Mum picked me up a packet of the Extra Gentle facial Cleansing Wipes a while back so I thought, why not give em' a go. I have to admit, I've really been enjoying them. 

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes: Superdrug (£2.99)

You get 24 in a packet, which is a fairly standard amount to receive in a makeup wipe packet. However, what is different is the quilted effect on the wipe itself (pictured above). I've never tried any other makeup wipes quite like it and I think they make the wipe stronger, softer and a lot more pleasant to use.

Typically I'm not a makeup wipe girl, but Kleenex's offering has changed my mind! At £2.99 these are such a good solution for nights when I get in late and -frankly- can't be bothered to use my Cleanse and Polish. (Yes, sometimes I neglect to take my makeup off- a beauty blogger sin, I'm sure). These babies don't pull at my skin or drag like so many others do, yet they also manage to remove a lot of my makeup. in terms of mascara, it needs a bit of help- I tend to use these when I get in, in the evening and my Cleanse and Polish to remove the remains before bed. My skins been thanking me for these- they are so refreshing!

So if you are in the market for some makeup wipes (even just to curb laziness) your skin will thank you for choosing these. Isn't the packaging cute? I love the little mask image. 

These can be picked up in Superdrug, Boots and Supermarkets alike and at just £2,99 for almost a months worth of wipes, you can't really go wrong. Kleenex? You get a thumbs up from me!

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