Tuesday, 26 June 2012

In which I Allow Jimbo an Opinion... #pilot

The Camera's Lying will be starting a new feature very soon! Its going to be called 'In which I Allow Jimbo an Opinion...' For those of you who don't know, Jimbo (or James) is my boyfriend of nearly 4 years. I thought it would be nice for my readers to not only hear a female point of view on products, but also a male point of view. 

So, in this new feature, both Jimbo and I will be trialing skincare and hair care products for period of time before giving you guys a full run down of our thoughts. Not only will you be getting my feminine, beauty obsessed point of view, you will also be gaining a more down to earth, male point of view. As we also have different hair and skin types it will be interesting to see our different reactions to various products.

Meet Jimbo
Name: Jimbo
Occupation: Student and part time gamer nerd/photography enthusiast
Interests: Gaming, technology, astrophysics,  photography & cats
Skin Type: Oily
Hair Type: Thick, curly
Main Worries: Breakouts/Black heads

Meet Amy 
Name: Amy or The Camera's Lying
Occupation: Student and part time blogger
Interests: Beauty, Fashion, photography, music and cats
Skin Type: Combo
Hair Type: Fine, frizzy, wavy
Main Worries: Split ends and uneven skin tone

So, do you like this idea? Are you interested to find out a male point of view? If you have a product you'd like us to review please tweet us using the #jimbosopinion so I can track the products you'd like us to review.

Amy x
P.s. The cosmo blog nomination stages are drawing to a close, if you'd like to nominate my blog, it would mean the world! I've already nominated my faves.

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