Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How To Fix Broken Lipsticks

Picture this- you are getting ready for a night out, excitement and anticipation build. Hair and makeup are done and your outfit is on. All thats left is a spritz of your favourite scent and your lipstick. However in the heat of the moment you wind it up a bit too high, press a bit too hard and before you know it the all too familiar 'snap' is heard as the bullet drops onto your floor. A beauty bloggers nightmare! 

Well this is exactly what happened to me today (fortunately it was only a £1 MUA lipstick, however its still worth saving). So I decided to grab the opportunity to show you how I fix my lipsticks when they snap. (Yes this is an unfortunately regular occurrence).  Silver linings, readers.

Step 1: Take your broken lipstick and hold a lighter (or match) about 5-10 cms away from the remains of the bullet. Your aim is to melt the remaining lipstick to use it as a glue to seal the broken section back in place.

Step 2: Once its melted, quickly push the snapped section back into place. If it doesn't sit correctly and there are visible cracks between the two halves, use your lighter again to melt the lipstick slightly and fuse the gap.

Step 3: Place in the fridge over night.

Et VOILA! A good as new lipstick, for no money at all. However, if you don't fancy rebuilding the lipstick, you could always turn it into a tinted lipbalm using my tutorial here.

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Amy x

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