Sunday, 10 June 2012

Brand Rave: Figs & Rouge

Many people, I including, received a Figs & Rouge balm in the 'natural' Glossybox. I was instantaneously hooked- as was everybody else (guesstimate) who received one- or they should have been anyway! The way I see it, these are the ultimate travel accessory. 100% organic, cruelty free, beautifully smelling and multifunctional!

So, when I saw Gemma from 'Gemsmaquillage' was giving away a Figs & Rouge Balm Set, I jumped at the chance to enter. I thought no more of it, having already decided I would repurchase a Balm when my Glossybox one ran out. But, I was lucky enough to win!

Here it is- my Figs & Rouge balm collection! I'm now the proud owner of a travel size (8ml, from Glossybox) Rambling Rose and four of the normal sizes (17ml) in 'Wild cherry,' 'Pomegranate,' 'Coco vanilla' and 'Aloe and Mint.' 

So, what can you do with these fantastical Balms? Well, I use them on my lips, cuticles, heels and as aromatherapy treatments. However, Figs&Rouge website claims you can also use them as primers, cleansers, as hair tamers, brow tamers and perfumes (phew). I think you'll agree with me when I say 'WOAH THERE HORSEY!' Yes, for just £4.95 for the large tub or £3.49 for the travel size, you get what I would like to dub an 'Epic Beauty Balm.' 

Not only does it do all this, but it all comes packaged in what I think are the cutest tins ever! They looks so sweet on my vanity and I love pulling them out of my handbag. The different designs make me want to collect them all.

I highly recommend them to anyone (they can be purchased from feel unique or boots). Hey, if Emma Watson rates them....?

Amy x
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