Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Roaring 1920s, a Tribute

The 1920s. War was over, economy booming and for the first time, women lives were liberalised. Hem lines got shorter, as did the hairstyles and women began wearing more slap on their faces. These substnces were dubbed 'makeup' by MaxFactor and soon 'makeup' took off. Everybody was dancing, dripping themselves in the finest clothes they could afford and most importantly, having a great time. No wondering we  coined the phrase- 'the roaring 20s!'
Its no secret I'm in love with the decade. I've posted about 20s flapper style on here before (please leave me a comment below telling me if you followed me when I wrote that post!), but my love has been renewed as of late for a number of reasons.
  1. The Vampire Diaries- Is it just me that would LOVE to see The Vampire Diaries run a spin off series of Stephen and Damons lives in the 20s? They do the flashback scenes SO well!
  2. The speech I heard yesterday at the St Ives event (more on this to come), by Emine, the Beauty Editor for Psychologies Magazine on beauty throughout the ages. It was so insightful!
  3. Drop waist dresses and embellised dresses coming back into season!
This time I decided it SIMPLY wasn't enough just to do a mood board/inspiration post or an OOTD. I needed to do a video of my 20s inpired outfit, complete with Jazz music from the decade and period hair/makeup!

So that is exactly what I did! I worked hard on this video, so please watch it and leave me some feedback! I welcome constructive critisms and also subscribers *winks.* Thank you for supporting me with my new Youtube endevours! I appreciate there is a lot of beauty/fashion bloggers and youtubers out there but I promise The Camera's Lying will never follow blogging post trends or copy anyone elses writing ot ideas. Here you will always find interesting (to me at least!), original and above all unique content. Thank you for everything, kind readers.

Amy x
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