Monday, 9 April 2012

Photography Feature: 'Trash The Dress'

Trash The Dress or 'Rock The Frock' photoshoots are THE latest thing in wedding photography. The idea started as a way for brides to have a photoshoot in their dress away from the time limits and locations of their wedding itself. However, the concept has really blown up in recent years with brides not only using the dress for a prop in a shoot, but physically TRASHING their dress and thus liberating themselves (apparently).

I've been loving looking at these shoots recently, wedding dresses are so so beautiful and when you see them emerged in water or covered in sand it makes for a magical photo. 

I've compiled a set of my favourite trash the dress photographs for your viewing pleasure. Click the photographs to take you to their sources!

And its not just the ladies getting involved with Trash the Dress shoots! Grooms and Best Men are also having fun trashing and rocking their suits one last time.

What do you think of this idea? Liberating or an absolutely mad waste of money?

Amy x

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