Friday, 27 April 2012

Fashion Bloggers: What do you REALLY wear?

Okay, often I look at fashion bloggers and think, do you REALLY wear 11 inch heels/leather/lashings of gold jewelry/a bazillion rings ALL DAY EVERYDAY? Do fashion bloggers ever have a day/evening off? Surely you can't relax in all that fashionable gear?

I always blog my outfits as I wear them, whenever I have time to and weather permitting. However, as soon as I get home, my outfit comes off and on go the Pjs, slouchy boyfriend tee and up goes the hair. Nobody ever blogs these kind of 'at home lounging' outfits, (and probably for good reason) so I thought I would change that.

The idea came during the #fbloggers twitter chat last week. We were debating 'pressures' and many people were saying they felt pressured to only blog their most fashionable outfits and never their chill out ones. 

Well, here I am in my PJs, showing you all what I really wear on my relaxed days around the house.

Yes, the mug of tea is necessary, it is almost an accessory.

Tshirt: Boyfriends, from Jack Jones
PJ Bottoms: Primark (SO SOFT)
Mug: Unknown

Are you brave enough to post your relaxed outfits? Go on, I dare ya!

Amy x
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