Monday, 19 March 2012

The Ring and The Giveaway

Yesterday, I posted about the generous people at Rings & Tings gifted me with a few pieces for review. I was incredibly intrigued by this 'Nail Ring' and after prompting from a follower, I've decided to dedicate a post to it. 

The Nail Ring is an unusual concept. You are supposed to wear it -what looks like- upside down with the long part covering your finger nail. It adds a very new wave, indie feel to your outfit and is great for making a casual jeans+tee combo a bit more edgy.

 Here I am rocking the Nail Ring on my middle finger with my Missguided nail polish and Models Own Polish in 'Emerald City.' (Excuse the chips!)

Its just as comfortable to wear as any large, chunky ring, if a little more difficult to forget you are wearing. I must admit, it catches on things, clothes, bag straps and finding anything in your handbag whilst wearing this is nigh impossible. However I got a ton of compliments on it and I really think its an interesting piece.

It looks super layered up with other rings, too. Its got me interested in other unique hand jewelry, like the popular 'knuckle rings.'

If you still aren't convinced, I've also found the design looks cool worn halfway down my pinkie finger like this. The Nail Ring comes in Silver or Gold and costs £3.

I was also given a Multi Skull Necklace, however, I liked this design and had already purchased myself one! I've decided to give the other away!

Multi Skull Necklace Giveaway

The Rules: To enter you must be a follower of 'The Camera's Lying' on GFC.
                 Leave a comment below saying 'enter me.' - Simple as!

Winner will be chosen via this time next week, good luck! 

Amy x

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