Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Transfer-proof Liptint Review

This morning I was up and at ems at 6.45am as I had a theory test at 8am. Before leaving I told myself, if I pass I'll buy myself a Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter (I've been waiting for their UK release for ages) as a reward and if I fail it can be a consolation prize. Fortunately, I passed (YAY) so off me and my Gran went to Boots to seek out the fabled lipstick/lipbalm hybrids. However, upon entering Boots it became clear they did not yet have the Lip Butters in stock (although I was told they would be in today) In fact, none of the employees seemed to know anything about the long awaited lip butters which seemed very odd to me. I was determined however, not to leave empty handed. 

Enter Rimmel's Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Transfer-proof Liptint and Balm. I first heard about these from my best friend, Steph, who told me her sister really recommended them. I was intrigued by them as they are almost like a Sharpie pen, for your lips. They promise long lasting and hard wearing colour pay off so I swatched a couple of shades on my hand. 

I was blown away by the colour pay off and quickly decided to purchase the shade 'Carry on Cherry.'

The packaging is a pretty simple plastic affair with the tint at one end and a clear balm at the other. Its not classy or especially pretty, but it is sturdy and the tight lids will ensure the product doesn't dry up.

1000 Kisses Liptints come in 6 different shades- 'Carry On Cherry,' 'Nothing But Nude,' 'Timeless Tango,' 'Stay Very Berry,' 'Perpetual Plum,'  and 'Endless Blossom' and cost £6.99 each from Boots.

The application is easy and precise due to the pen like tip and the bottle suggests you wait for the colour to dry before adding the balm on top to avoid dryness. I waited about a minute before I applied the balm over the top, and I definitely found I needed to use the balm. The tint is very drying on lips but as soon as the balm is applied, the problem is rectified quickly.

This is the balm at the bottom end of the tube and it is a clear sheen which looks pretty over the top of the tint. However, there is a bit of prduct transfer off the lips onto the balm upon application so it doesn't stay neat and tidy for long!

Here you can see the sheen the balm leaves when applied to the skin on my hand.

This is what my lips looked like after application.... and they still look like this after I had had two cups of tea and my lunch. Pretty impressive! I didn't have anyone around to test the '1000 kisses' claim on ;) but I don't doubt it would with stand some serious action!

Swatches on my hand (from left-right) Stay Very Berry, Carry On Cherry, and Endless Blossom. 

Will I be repurchasing? Yes, and I urge you all to do the same. The prefect party companion.

Amy x
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