Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Re-using my Glossyboxes

Every month, along with thousands of others, a pink parcel of makeup excitement pops through my letter box. But once I've emptied the little bundle of joy, I'm left with a sturdy little Glossybox to play with. 

The child who used to use boxes as pirate ships, spaceships and dens within me screams to put the shiny boxes to use. 

So far, I've found uses for four of the six boxes I have hanging around. But rest assured the others will not go to waste!

Firstly, I use one of my boxes to store all my receipts. I'm an absolute hoarder and for some reason I can't bring myself to throw receipts away. One psychology lesson, me and my best friend sifted through all the old ones in my purse and had a good old laugh looking at some of the things I'd bought. My Glossybox ensures my purse remains closable and neat!

Next I've utilised my February box to hold my nail polishes. I had a sort out of my collection recently, getting rid of all the polishes which had practically fossilised at the back of my draw! The bright pink box looks pretty in my room and holds the remaining decent bottles nicely.

I'm currently using my Christmas Glossybox to store my spare candles. I'm a candle addict and need a constant stash to ensure I never run out (quel horreur!) I can't tell you how nice this box smells when opened.

Lastly, I'm using another box as a drawer divider in our kitchen drawer. Its holding all our cookie cutters nicely!

Some other uses for Glossyboxes:

  1. Gift boxes- They already come with pretty filling and tissue paper!
  2. Pet bed- Stuff with a snuggly blanket and it would be perfect for small dogs/cats.
  3. Plastic bag dispenser- glue lid shut, cut a slit in the top and stuff with plastic bags!
  4. Lunch box- stylish lunch box for adults.
How do YOU reuse your Glossybox?

Amy x
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