Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Photography Feature: The First Day of Spring

Happy first day of Spring lovelies! I thought I'd compile a mood board of beautiful Spring photography from some of my favourite Flickr photographers. Click the photo and give the photographers a comment of favourite to let them know you appreciate their work as much as I do.

15/365 teaparty.

banbury cross

benchin' on the tracks


Personally, I am thinking of starting a little photography project of my own- the 52 weeks photography challenge. One photo a week for a year. If all goes to plan, I'm hopinh to start the 365 photograph challenge (a photograph a day for a year) so this will be good practice. It will also be good for helping my development as a photographer myself and hopefully I will find a 'photographical style' of my own. Please comment below if you would like to see some of these photographs posted below.

Amy x
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