Tuesday, 6 March 2012

February Favourites

I absolutely LOVE reading monthly favourites posts and watching an abundance of similar videos on youtube. I've picked up a ton of products from these such posts and owe a lot to them! However, I've never actually taken the plunge and done one myself. Silly really, times must change! Drum roll please, here are MY favourites of February:

Beauty Bits

First up is the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette. I received this as a gift for Christmas and have pretty much used it everyday since. Its got a great range of shades and I've used this set for everything from highlighting to contouring. Multi-funcitonal and a steal at just £4.

Next is Bobbi Browns Extra Soothing Balm. Its darn expensive (£39) but you can use it as a lip balm, a cuticle cream and a moisturizer. Its also great on sensitive skin and it really helps my sisters eczema.

I received BM Beauty's Eyeshadow in 'Platinum Tiara' in my February Glossybox. At first the loose pigment struck horror into my bones, but a few trial and errors soon saw me getting to grips with picking up this product on a brush and then tapping the excess onto the lid. It has such a beautiful shimmer to the pigment I keep wanting to incorporate the smokey eye look into my everyday eye makeup!

My lips have been rocking this blueish pink lipstick from Rimmel. I was drawn to the packaging and the name 'Vintage Pink.' Its a little bit different than my usual pink/nude look but its still very wearable to college.  

Those of you who saw my last post will know I am a proud owner of Marc Jacob's Lola Perfume. I love it, but I don't want to wear it everyday. I want to whip it out on the rare occasion so my boyfriend can go 'oo are you wearing the perfume I bought you for Valentines?' Ghost has been my lazy day substitute and its served its purpose well. Its subtle but a little bit different. Great for whacking on in the morning.


The book or books I'm LOVING at the moment (of course) are The Hunger Games series. I can't wait for the movie, be still, my beating heart. I need not say too much about this series as, unless you live under a rock, you will no doubt have heard of them. However, I will just say, I enjoyed the first book, more than I enjoyed the entire Harry Potter series. Put together. There I said it!


Makeup411 is a website dedicated to dissecting our favourite music/movie/tv stars makeup looks and posting the products their makeup artists used to create each look online. FOR US TO COPY. EXACTLY. Pure genius. Above is a screenshot of me sourcing out Emily Brownings dewy Suckerpunch skin. I've also looked up Zooey Deschanel's New Girl look and Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan wedding look. Fo real. 


Taylor Swift Feat. The Civil Wars -Safe & Sound

Hauntingly beautiful and desperately sad, this song has been on repeat since I discovered it. Of course since its going to be on The Hunger Games soundtrack, I love it more. How stunning does Taylor Swift look in the music video?

What are YOUR February faves?

Amy x
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