Thursday, 2 February 2012

Where The Magic Happens

Slightly controversial title, but hey! I've seen a couple of 'Where I Blog From' posts floating around, and I was really enjoying reading them. I decided to do my own, partly because the light was too bad to take outfit photos when I planned this post. However, I will be posting today's outfit later on tonight, so stay tuned!

So here is my set up, if you can call it that. I blog from the comfort of my bed. My desk is used for homework or revision alone, so I dislike doing anything I consider a hobby or 'fun' at my desk. keeping work and play separate helps me to not procrastinate and also relax after I've worked. My bed is pushed against my window and I always light some Yankee candles on my window sill whilst I'm chilling out and blogging. My current favourite scent is 'Cinnamon Stick.' 

You can get some great deals on Yankee candles HERE and HERE. These two sites sell official Yankee candles but always have promotions and sales going on, which the Official Yankee site rarely does.

Where do YOU blog from? Link me blow to any posts you do about it. I'd love to see.

Amy x
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