Monday, 27 February 2012

Vamos a La Playa

From the 11th February to the 18th my friends and I were in Bansko, Bulgaria for a week of skiing. I'd only been skiing once before and it hadn't been the best experience, so I was apprehensive towards this trip at first, but as the holiday approached, I grew more and more excited.

After some initial issues getting to Bansko (delays at border control, flight delays and a very long drive) we arrived at our beautiful hotel in the small hours of Sunday morning. 

The weather was perfect, it snowed on Monday enough to give us a perfect fresh layer to ski on for the rest of the week. The skiing was great and I've found I'm actually not too bad at it. Infact, I won the award for the most elegant skier. How ever elegant I may have been, I was not as good as my friend Fran and my boyfriend Jimbo. They are ski ninjas! Zooming down the slopes with expert balance and no fear. 

The first few days finding my feet again on the slopes was hard and I was slightly scared of the red runs, but come the third day I'd realised the best way to learn was just to throw myself into anything and everything. If it went wrong, I learnt from it. If it went right, I had a blast. I'm officially a ski bunny convert and I'm already wondering when I'll next have a chance to go! 

Look at all that snow!

View from our balcony was stunning!

The local sweet shop had the biggest selection of Milka I've ever seen! From strawberry yogurt flavour to popping candy. I wish we had all that Milka back home, although it would not be good for my waist line.

Our pretty hotel at night after a night at a local pub for drinks and dancing.

Yep, thats me on the second to last evening, Ice Skating with a little push along penguin! We decided to push this activity back to near the end of our holiday in case any injuries resulted in people missing out on skiing. This was a good idea as we had two ice accidents sadly! 

Perun Mountain in all its glory.

Me and Jimbo on the last night at the special Bulgarian cultured evening. Sadly Jimbo was coming down with the flu at this point and wasn't feeling up to much.

I love skiing and would recommend it to most people. However, unlike I did, I would suggest training a couple of weeks prior to the trip because skiing is VERY challenging physically. 

Have you ever been skiing? Or would you like to go?

Amy x
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