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Valentine's Day GlossyBox IN DEPTH Review #1

Okay, So I know pretty much EVERYONE got the Valentine's Day Limited Edition Glossybox.... AND blogged about it. BUT I waited a few weeks and really put each product through its paces. Think beauty product bootcamp, ladies! The categories I was testing: how does each product live up to its claims? Whats the formulation like? What is the packaging like? Would I repurchase?

As I want to go in depth on these reviews, I've decided to split this post into two parts, so its not too text heavy, enjoy. On with the box!

Hot pink for Valentines! Glossybox, you sure know how to make the beauty bloggers swoon, don't cha?!

Yes, I entered! *Crosses fingers*

Heart sticker too? Boy am I a sucker for gimmicks. ^.^

Here is what I received: Clarins Extra-Firming Day Cream, Clarins Extra-Firming Night Cream, Murad Skin Perfecting Primer, F.A.B Daily Treatment Body Moisturizer and Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in 'Plum.'

A GlossyBox sweetie?! TOO. FRIGGIN. CUTE. (and yummy, I ate it 3 minutes after opening my box).

Clarins Extra-Firming Night and Day Creams (Full Sizes: £48.00)

What do Clarins say?

'A rich night-time cream replenishes, lifts and tones very dry skin. Works while you sleep for a firmer, more luminous complexion upon waking. Clarins’ intensive skin renewal complex—including soothing Rosemary, firming Alfalfa and nourishing Moringa—helps smooth lines and wrinkles, and define facial contours, promoting noticeably younger-looking skin'

'A firming day cream that contains revitalising White Tea and Succory Dock-Cress, clinically-proven to help visibly reduce the signs of ageing—lifting, toning and smoothing. Infusing skin with firming benefits that are immediate and long-lasting. Day after day, skin appears younger as facial contours are tightened and look more defined. Lines and wrinkles are noticeably minimised'
                                           -Clarins UK website

How does the product live up to its claims? 
I can't vouch for the smoothing lines claim (at least I hope not), as a young woman, but I can vouch for the 'luminous complexion' claim. My skin, upon awakening, didn't look its usual 'I-haven't-seen-sunlight-for-12-hours' blotchy self and it made putting foundation on, a much less needed step in my day to day routine. In fact for the first time since summer, I left my house wearing tinted moisturiser INSTEAD of foundation! Pigs have flown, people.

Whats the formulation like? 
creamy, smooth and applies like a dream. I found pea sized amounts would cover my entire face and neck area and it sinks in really quickly. They smell nice (not too over powering) and provide an excellent foundation base.

What is the packaging like? 
The real products themselves come in classy, frosted glass pots which would look pretty on anyone's dressing tables.  

Would I repurchase?
I genuinely would, if I had £96 to spend on a day/night cream combo. Unfortunately being a student means money is tight, I'll keep this on my 'when I'm rich and successful' list.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in Plum (Full Size: £9.50)

What do Eyeko say?

'Eyeko SKINNY EYELINER Pencils for precise definition and intense colour. Line and define for long-lasting colour. The wax based, creamy formula allows for smooth application.'
                        -Eyeko's Website

How does the product live up to its claims? 
This pencil needs a lot of warming up on the back of your hand before it will apply smoothly, without tugging. Definitely NOT a waterline pencil, however, once its on it IS long-lasting and definitely intense pigmentation.

Whats the formulation like? 
Fairly difficult application. quite touch on the lower lash line. However, it seems to last a good 7 hours and doesn't fade.

What is the packaging like? 
The eyeliner comes with a long, silver plastic end for you to hold when you sharpen your eyeliner down to a nubbin. At first I thought- 'cool idea, why has no one else done this?!' I soon discovered why. The end makes it difficult to fit the pencil in makeup bags or my divider in my makeup storage drawer. It also knocks against my mirror when I am applying it. This is irritating, but once I've sharpened the pencil down with use, I'm sure it will become more of a help than a hindrance. Patience, Amy, patience. 

Would I repurchase?
Yes, I like the colour and the long wear makes it good for long working days and part'a'ying. However, if it was more than a tenner, I'd probably go for a MAC pencil over the Eyeko one.

Tune in tomorrow for part 2 kids!

Amy x

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