Sunday, 5 February 2012

Valentines Day Gift Ideas #2

Lads! (Ooh I hate that term!) Listen up. Stressing about what to get your significant other half? Or perhaps you are the other half, wanting to leave a subtle hint for your boyfriend to 'stumble across?' In that case, I suggest you leave this post up on your laptop for him to read! 

1. Handbag! (Mischa Barton Melrose Tote £75.00)
This soft, seductive leather bag will be the star of any romantic demonstrations. Durable and large enough to fit in all your makeup. Lust worthy.

2. A Dozen Red Roses! (Dramatic Dozen £44.99)
A classic declaration of love and adoration. Receiving flowers from the opposite sex can be a really touching experience and will make all her friends swoon in envy! Deliver them to her yourself, or be cheeky and leave them for her to find somewhere, with a heartfelt card attached.

3. Bath Products! (Lush Lots of Love Gift Set £24.50)
Pamper your missus with this luscious set full of skin delights. The best part is its already wrapped!

4. Bracelet (Pandora Sterling Silver Bracelet £70.00)
This is Pandora's Valentines Day offering and I think its stunning. A twist on the classic Pandora charm bracelet, with the original Pandora clip. Stunning.

5. Quirky Notepad (Urban Outfitter's Sweet Nothing's Pad £4.00)
A cute little pad for you two to leave fun, sweet notes for each other to find. All you have to do is tick the appropriate boxes and sign your name. Guaranteeing a smile from your other half.

6. Perfume (Viktor & Rolf FlowerBomb EDP 30ml £47.50)
A treat for both your noses and the bottle is shaped like a PINK grenade! A bouquet of floral notes and a dressing table worthy bottle will leave your better half smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

7. Candles (Urban Apothecary Scented Candle In a Jar, Vanilla Flower £25.00)
This candle not only looks stunning and classy, but smells good enough to eat. Great for unwinding to or setting the mood. What woman doesn't like candles?

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Amy x

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