Saturday, 25 February 2012

That was love and it's an ache I still remember.

Okay, firstly let me apologize for the lack of posts this week. As you all know, I went skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria last week. I had the best time and I'm officially a ski bunny convert! But, I did come down with what has been aptly named 'Bansko Death Flu.' Half our ski trip went down with it, including my boyfriend and I. Luckily -unlike some members of our party- I didn't have to miss any skiing due to it as the onslaught happened on the plane journey home. However, a whole week later and I'm still ill so I really haven't felt like posting or doing anything much at all! 

However, I did drag myself out of my sick bed for one of my best friends 18th birthday parties last night. Its become almost a tradition of his to have a hall party every year at the same hall so I could hardly miss it. I wanted to do a nice outfit of the night post for you, but my ill-eyes didn't clock the unfocused photographs until I went to edit them today. Shame but I'm going to post them anyway! Enjoy!


Dress: Lipsy
Shoes: New Look

I went for a simple look as the colours of the dress are quite bold! What do you think? Hopefully the foundation covered up the pasty ill face of mine....

Regular posting will recommence asap!

Amy x
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