Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How to spot fake OPI

Ebay and other such sites are rife with fake cosmetics. Now, I'm all for a fob off of, for example, a pair of Litas, or maybe the YSL Arty ring. Fakes can mean students like me can afford the latest trends. However, fake cosmetics is NOT something I endorse. Rubbing/painting substances onto my body which are claiming to be something they aren't scares me, quite frankly. 

This fear stemmed about 2 years ago when I had a run in with a fake MAC lipstick. Yes, I bought it from eBay, but I promise you, I was vigilant. I checked the packaging, the names, the pigment colour. I was so SURE I was purchasing real MAC. It was a good fake, the only thing that notified me was the clunky packaging (different size/width to real MAC) and the smell. The lipstick itself smelled like paint stripper. NOT something I wanted to be putting AROUND MY MOUTH?!

So, I'm going show YOU how to avoid eBay fakes. Todays subject? Fake OPI polishes.

Here is the subject- my (real) bottle of OPI's Big Hair.. Big Nails.

Firstly, check the writing on the front of the bottle. Does it have all the information there? Or is something missing? Is the size correct?

The second thing you should look for on a bottle of OPI polish is the serial number, which should be stamped near the base of the polish. If it doesn't have this, it ain't the real deal!

Next, look for the embossed 'OPI' on the top of the bottle. I've seen a couple of fakes floating around minus this attribute. So, ensure its there.

The sticker on the bottom of the bottle should have a green font with company information circling the shade name. The shade name should match the shade in the bottle. You'd think this would be a given, but some fakes pair names with shades that don't match the real deal. If you are unsure what colour the shade should be... google it.

The brush head should be large and smooth. OPI is known for its thick, long bristles so if a bottle has shorter, stumpier ones, maybe you should question its quality.

Real OPI bottles also have 'OPI' stamped onto the plastic part of the brush, near the lid. If this is missing, its not real OPI.

Finally, the bar-code should cover the product name sticker. If there isn't a sticker with 'peel here' on your bottle, question its authenticity!

If you are purchasing from eBay, and the seller hasn't photographed these attributes, you are well within your rights to ask them to do so and mail you the results. Better to be safe than sorry!

Good luck, eBayers!

Amy x
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