Friday, 13 January 2012

Why pamper life's complexity?

I think I may have an issue. I'm completely and utterly obsessed with Youtube. I'm subscribing to beauty and fashion gurus like there is no tomorrow! If I don't have any new videos in my subscription box, like the easy Youtube whore I am, I'll scour my recommendations for a new subscription. Its taking up a ton of my time and I find if one of my favourite Youtube gurus says they like a product, heck! I need it!

Take 2 weeks ago, for example. Casually surfing through Elle Fowler's or 'Allthatglitters21's videos, I came across her makeup collection video (here) Elle Fowler and her sister Blair (Juicystar07) are cause of a lot of controversy on Youtube. A bit like Marmite, you either love them (like me) or hate them. Whatever you think of them, you can't deny, they have an incredible makeup collection! So, upon hearing Elle say how many Nyx blushes she owned I immediately thought- she must love Nyx blushes. Of course, I wanted needed one too. Call me crazy, obsessive or just plain impressionable, but I'm darned glad I purchased one because its by far the best blusher I own. 

I chose the colour 'Mocha' as its a slightly pink taupe colour which gives you a healthy glow. The pigmentation is amazing which means little product is needed to create a flushed, natural glow and it lasts about 6 hours depending on how hot the day is and how much you touch your face! The packaging is nice, minimalistic, however slightly too thick and plasticy t be described as 'classy.' But for £5.50 who really worrys about the packaging anyway? Nyx can be somewhat difficult to source in stores in the UK, wait! Don't fret! Its readily available on their website here in a range of 25 different shades.

Have you tried Nyx products before and do you watch beauty gurus on Youtube?

Amy x
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