Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mini Haul!

Yesterday was the last day of freedom before the return to college and the start of the dreaded JANUARY EXAMS (click here for the dramatic chipmunk). So, to end the holidays, I went to Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent to make the best of the January sales. I didn't get much, as I'm on a strict budget (NY resolution #1= SPEND LESS WOMAN!) but I picked up a few bits I'd been wanting for ages and two things I genuinely needed.


Firstly, a hat. But not just any hat. A BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS HAT (if there is a proper name for these floppy brim type hats please leave it in a comment for me!). I love it, its teal and only cost me £4 in the New Look sale. I may never wear this out as I fear I may be judged in it but for now I love it.

Next up, I purchased L'Oreal's True Match Foundation in shade 'Rose Vanilla.' If you've seen my Project Ten Pan Post, you'll know I chose an Avon foundation as one of my ten 'pans.' However, I then lost it. Mega OOPS. So I reverted back to my Mabelline Dream Matte Mousse (in the shade cameo) and for a while, everything was peachy. Then, it ran out. I don't think I've ever finished a foundation before so this came as a shock but a pleasant one. I could now have the freedom to true a new brand of foundation *gasps.* 

So I asked the Superdrug lady and she recommended this!

SO far I really really like it. It blends beautifully and lasts all day long! Super Duper.

Above: Swatched
Below: Blended

Next, after watching Beauty Crush's Eyebrow Video I just had to buy the Sleek Brow Kit! Beauty Crush has perfectly preened eyebrows!

Ooo fancy packaging!

I got the colour 'Light.'

The palettes:

Then, I wandered into Lush to have a gander at their sale. When I saw that the Lush 'Toothy Tabs' were half price, I just couldn't resist! I've been after these for a while as I'm very intrigued by the concept of a solid toothpaste!

If you don't know what Toothy Tabs are- they are basically solid toothpaste capsules which you munch up a bit between your teeth and then foam up and brush with your tooth brush. I chose 'Breath Of God' which has sandalwood notes and 'Aquatic' which has lavender notes.

Heres what they look like! Me munching one below. Om nom. I have yet to have to work out how 'good' they are cleanliness wise But for people like moi who don't like over powering mint tastes. These are perfect for you!

Have you lovely people brought anything in the sales? If you've done a blog post about your sale shopping, link me in the comments!

Amy x

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