Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Make you feel my love.

Let me first set the scene: I've been revising solidly for my exams for a while now. Today was my Psychology re-take which I work hard for to get it over and done with once and for all. However, when I awoke this morning, my eye was inflamed and itchy. Having woken up late I rushed about the house getting ready, ignoring the niggling pain. When I got to college I decided the best plan would be to remove my contact lens to stop the searing, thinking something had gotten stuck under there. Unfortunately, upon removing my contact, it became apparent that whatever was stuck under my lens was long gone and the pain was coming from a hairline scratch across my eyeball. My eye started to swell up and soon it was difficult to open it. 

In pain, my Mum put an eye patch over my eye to let it rest and this helped a little bit. However as 11am neared the pain only increased so my Mum took me to our local hospital. After a long wait we were told there was nothing they could do for me. By this time I was already late for my exam and in a bit of a state. Tired, in pain and wearing an eye patch over one eye, I could only hope I hadn't ruined my chances for a good grade. My college kindly offered me extra time to do my exam and allowed me in late, however the sunlight in the exam room made my eye sting even under the compress and although I had chemist bought drops to put on it, nothing was going to make it less painful instantly. I found it hard to concentrate and write but somehow, I got through.

You can't imagine how grateful I was, when, as I got home after a long, hard day I saw a parcel waiting for me from the lovely Stacie. I won her recent giveaway and was OVER THE MOON with the goodies I received from her lovely etsy shop.

Thank you so much Stacie, you totally made my day so much better!

Sorry for the wordy post, I had a lot to say!

Amy x
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