Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lets Talk About: The Truth About Spring.

As the weather begins to warm up and we start to think of the looming transition, head first into Spring, I have one thing on my mind. Shedding the layers. Goodbye scarves, ear muffs and fluffy socks, until next time!

However, with the clothing transition comes an unwelcome addition to women's daily lives- yes, I am talking about the return of the honks from the mysterious men in their vans.

You know the drill, you are casually walking down to the bus stop, donning a floaty midi skirt and camisole paired with a cute cardigan and some sunglasses. You are just enjoying the sun, not a care in the world, when suddenly a crud, loud beep fills the air. Turning in horror, you watch as a van streaks past and the driver leans out the window 'alright darrrrlin' *leering at chest area.* For me, this kind of encounter usually results in a pop of colour in my cheeks and I will spend the rest of my day tugging, self consciously at my cardigan/skirt hem.

It seems to me, that as soon as girls hit puberty they become targets for this kind of road side attention. So is this wrong? Or simply a laugh?

For me its humiliating and makes me feel like some sort of object for others entertainment. However, on the flip side, a friend once said- 'its annoying, but once its gone, you'll wonder if there is something wrong with you.' True, but wouldn't it be better if women weren't subjected to this treatment in the first place?

It highlights the difference between men and women, in my mind and shows how so men still feel they hold a superior position to women.

christmas poem

It doesn't end at honking and leering, I've seen girls have dirty/disgusting things yelled at them from the windows of vans speeding by, there is no need. Especially not when the girls that are being targeted are still at high school. Its bordering on ridiculous!

So what are your opinions? Should we begin reporting men the vans to their companies when we are targeted or is it simply men appreciating the small things in life? I'd love to hear your opinions, so leave them in the comment section below!

Amy x
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