Wednesday, 4 January 2012

As dead as a Dodo!

The last few years I've religiously used my Filo Fax to keep myself in check and make sure I get to places on time. I have a small, denim one which has been filled up with inserts about 3 times over. Its been faithful to me, so I really don't know what prompted me to veer off the Filo Fax track. But I have, readers and BOY am I pleased I did. 

It all started in John Lewis a few days ago. I was browsing filo fax inserts deciding whether I want a week to be on two pages or one for 2012, when I over heard a lady talking to her friend about 'The Dodo Pad.' She said it was a life saver when she worked in London in her early 20s and she now finds it great for keeping next to the phone at home to keep her whole family in check. 'Dodo' reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and we all know how obsessed I am with anything Alice so immediately I searched the shelves for the diary she was talking about. This is it:

Upon seeing it was turquoise, it was a done deal. I also loved the inside. Its full of cute sketches and all the pages are different coloured/patterened. Its a really unique concept and never fails to make me smile when I get it out my bag! It cost around 11 pounds from John Lewis which isn't too bad! It reminds me somewhat of the coveted Frankie Diary but without the price tag!

I've already started filling it in and I now carry it everywhere with me (something I didn't do with my Flip Fax for some reason!) Its just such a creative concept. You never know what quote, joke or sketch will be on the next page and I love that about it. So much more 'Amy' than the black and white filo fax pages!

Do you use a diary to organize yourselves or are you more of a 'I'll-put-that-date-in-my-phone' kinda gal?

Amy x
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