Thursday, 1 December 2011

You're just a cannibal and I'm afraid I won't get out alive!

Since I became acquainted with Spirit Hoods, I've had major hat envy of the bloggers out there who own them or a similar version. Sadly, being a poor student, I rarely *read as 'never'* have £145 I can afford to spend on a novelty hood resembling an animal.... 

But, as ever, eBay to the rescue! After many hours searching various combinations of 'hood,' 'fluffy,' 'animal,' and 'hat' I eventually happened upon a seller selling replicas for £19.99. Okay so they aren't quite as thick, or plush as Spirit Hoods are. Nor do they have a charm holder attached to the ear but nether the less, they are still essentially a fluffy hood with ears and paws. Sold. 

I chose the 'jaguar' option (black) as I felt it would go best with my wardrobe. Sensible! I wore it for the first time in public today. I was met with many an 'awhhhh' lots of stroking and a few strange looks. I still love you, fake spirit hood!

Here I am wearing my new baby. Purrrrfect for winter. ;).

Amy x
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