Saturday, 10 December 2011

Oh, my my cold hearted child.

After a somewhat dramatic week (Psychology trip to Bethlem Hospital, parents evening and an exam) I'm glad its the weekend! If it hadn't been for all the fabulous bloggers I follow I wouldn' have got through this week. However, its not been all bad. I went to a ballet in Sadlers Wells last Thursday which was choreographed by Michael Borne. It was a contemporary version of 'The Nutcracker' and it was amazing. Sadlers Wells is incredibly sophisticated for those of you who haven't been and I thoroughly recommend it! It can be quite pricey but its definitely worth the extra money as all the dancers were so talented. One thing that did make me laugh however, was a 15/16 year old girl sitting in front of me and my Mum who turned to her friend and asked why there was no acting or lines. I don't think she quite realised she had come to see a ballet! Here is what I wore: 

The leggings are from M&S and my silk tunic is from Next. I wore my new coat and leather boots with this outfit as getting the train up to London is a chilly experience. 

Suffering a bit today after a somewhat crazy night with my best friends and boyfriend last night! Warning: 'Never have I ever' will always throw up some crazy revelations....

Have fantastic weekends, readers.
Amy x
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