Monday, 5 December 2011

My Winter Coat

I love a bit of charity shop shopping, me. Okay, so the ratio of successful shops is about 1 to every 6 unsuccessful shop but still its a lot of fun looking at all the items and wondering who gave them away. (Or is that just me?) Sometimes however, you come across an incredible, jaw-dropping, mouth-watering, tummy-tingling *insert more adjectives here* bargain. I found this thing of beauty in a local 'Mind' charity shop. Warm? Check. In good condition? Yes sir. Soft? Yup! Military trend? Sorted. Leather accents? What else. Vintage-esque button detailing? Yes, yes, yes! 

AND.. Its designer too! By label 'Jaune Rouge.' I was so lucky it was not only in my size but a steal price of just 15 pounds. Every once in a blue moon eh?

I pretty much haven't taken this coat off since I brought it home. I promise to look after you, lovely coat and care for you until death do us part.

What are your favourite charity shop finds? Do you enjoy a bit o' bargain hunting or does the idea of rifling through other peoples cast offs have you running a mile? Talk to me :).

Amy x
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