Monday, 26 December 2011

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Okay, so I'm a blogger ADDICT and PROUD. My Christmas break lasted all of a day. Aha. Turns out I have too much in my head that needs to be put down! Firstly I wanted to check you all had a lovely day and spent it with your nearest and dearest? Secondly I wanted to tell you I have a brand spanking new laptop (my old one was ancient and ran at a snail pace, bless its heart) to blog with! I'm a very lucky girl and will be making the most of my gift by revising loads blogging loads. Yay for Christmas! 

Thirdly, here is my Christmas look (pre food baby):

Dress: River Island
Shoes: River Island 
Tights: M&S
Belt: Vintage
Cross Necklace: eBay

I got the above ring from my parents for Christmas. I'm already in love with it. It has a certain '20s flapper' feel to it. I love that. They design is very different too.

Nails: 'Razzle Dazzle'

These beauties where a Christmas present from my bestest friend: Steph and my boyfriend Jimbo. I love them both very much and I was so taken aback by their craftiness and thoughtfulness. I love you guys, if you are reading this! I'm very lucky.

The standard Christmas Table photographs! 

And fiiiinally my Christmas FOTD. Have fab boxing days and remember to link me to all your Christmas posts too so I can be nosy ;). Love you guys.

Amy x
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