Thursday, 22 December 2011

DIY Tinted Lipbalm.

So after taking part in my survey (you guys are so good to me!) I concluded you'd like some more crafty/DIY posts. So from January I will be doing a crafty post each month as a new feature here on The-Cameras-Lying. This right here is the pilot run to see what kind of reactions I get. Be honest in your comments please. I'd love feedback on the clarity of my instructions and images and how much you like the idea!

So here we go:

DIY Tinted Lipbalm

Difficulty Rating: * (anyone can do this!)
Time taken: Prep: 5 minutes, cooling time: 1 hour.

What will I need?

  1. One old or broken lipstick
  2. A pot of Vaseline
  3. One empty pot (for storing the Lipbalm in)
  4. One large metal serving spoon or metal ladle
  5. One knife
  6. One teaspoon 
  7. One cocktail stick (for stirring)
Picture this: You are putting on your fave shade of lippy when you feel it snap against your lips. Or, perhaps you knock it off your dresser whist doing your hair and it chips. Day ruined? We've all been there. But, with this tutorial you can turn your mangled lippy into a fabulous tinted lipbalm- great for the winter months! Its super easy to do too!

I decided to use the above lipstick as I find it far too drying in the lipstick form it is now, but I liked the colour too much to throw it out!

I chose this small tin as my Gran brought it back from India for me years ago and I haven't found a use for it yet. I love the colours of it but small plastic sample tubs work perfectly too.

Step 1: Slice your lipstick off onto the (clean) serving spoon:

Step 2:  Add the same amount of Vaseline to your serving spoon.

Step 3:  Light a hob on your cooker and hold your serving spoon 30cm away from the flame. Heat until melted.

Step 4: Away from the flames, stir until combined.

Step 5: Pour mixture into your pot.

Step 6:  Pop in the fridge until set (about 30 minutes).

Finally: Take out and enjoy! 


Will you be making some tinted lipbalm?

Amy x

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